NeoNx - NetworkX to Neo4j

I was playing around with NetworkX, an excellent graph library for python. I wanted to upload the data I created to Neo4j. But I couldn’t find an easy way of doing this. So I created a library to move a NetworkX graph to Neo4j through two methods:

Calling pip programmatically

I was trying to find an API for pip but I wasn’t able to find a one. So started to look at the code and I realised that I could just emulate what the pip command was doing. It turned out to be really easy.

Dart docset for Dash

I have been using Dash as a documentation browser. Its really handy when I am offline. I’ve created a docset for dart and put it put on github here.

Installing python-glpk on OS X 10.8

I have been using PuLP for linear optimisation. By default, on OS X, the library used the packaged COIN command line program. This tends to be slow if you are many optimisations as I was doing. Luckily PuLP can handle other optimisers as well like GLPK or paid ones like CPLEX or GUROBI.